International Women’s Day

I wish I had the energy for a long post about the intersection of race & sex as this is International Women’s Day. Since I’m wiped from school and homework I’m gonna post a long list of resources.

 A Darfur Tree is her Newsstand -News Article

International Association For Women of Color Day 

African-American Women Writers of the 19th Century

African Women in Cinema Project

Black American Feminists 

Black Women’s Website Against Racist Sexual Violence

International Women’s Health Coalition

Muslim Women’s League

Karamah – Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights

Global Reproductive Health Forum

Native American Women on the WWW

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Voices from the Gaps – Women Artists & Writers of Color 

Internet Women’s History Sourcebook

Femme Noir

SAWNET – South Asian Women’s NETwork 

Women of Color, Women of Words

Center for Reproductive Rights

Also I urge everyone to think about gender and race every single day.


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  1. Thanks! I’ll change it now!

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