Okay Fuck you Dolce & Gabbana!

No Seriously FUCK YOU!

Fucked Up D&G Ad

Dolce & Gabbana Cancel Controversial Ad Campaign

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the duo behind the popular design label D&G, are withdrawing their ad from circulation after protests erupted in Italy and Spain.

The ad, which women’s rights groups call a “fantasy rape,” features a lone woman in a prone position being held down by a shirt-less man while a group of men looks on. While D&G is known for their racy ad campaigns, many women’s groups think this photo has gone too far and that it promotes violence against women.

In the U.S, the ad ran in the March issue of Esquire and it promted this response from Kim Gandy, President of the National Organization for Women: “…the idea that even a stylized image of rape appeals to a broad readership of men is disturbing.”

Dolce & Gabbana insist that the ad was never meant to be controversial and that it represented an erotic dream; a sexual game.

The timing for the ad’s release couldn’t have been worse; Spain was in the midst of dealing with a large wave of crimes against women at the time of publication, and public outrage over the image was high.

Earlier this week, after demands from the Spanish government and Italian senators, Dolce and Gabbana decided to withdraw the ads from all publications.

The debate rages over whether or not this image represents an artistic interpretation of a sexual fantasy, or if it just glorifies rape. As the fashion industry continues to push the envelope and strives to remain cutting edge the line between risque and offensive continues to blur.

So, just how far is too far?


Who would think that’s an okay ad? WHO?! It’s like that one French Connection ad I saw downtown a couple of years ago with a Santa ripping the clothes off a woman as she ran scared from a bar and men looked on and laughed. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!? Who thinks up that fucked up concept #1 and #2 who the fuck approves it and thinks ‘yeah woman being held down while men look on, great!’

I can’t even coherently argue why it’s fucked up because I don’t understand how someone would need to be convinced. The fucked upedness just jumps out at you.


4 responses to “Okay Fuck you Dolce & Gabbana!

  1. That’s a very typical gang rape porn scenario except with designer clothes and better production values. You don’t have to surf for much porn before you see that. No one can seriously question that. Anyone who tries to deny or question that is irredeemably porn sick.

  2. Anony –
    Exactly! I can’t understand how anyone can interpret this ad as anything but gang rape porn and if it’s that obvious why there wasn’t more of an outcry. Shoot why the fuck did it get past the AD execs in the first place. Oh yeah I forgot they don’t give a fuck about women.

  3. Finally, a blog post that is outraged by this.

    Unfortunately some women don’t seem to mind:

    I can’t believe how easily they rationalise this away. It’s NOT just an innocent photo shoot where it’s just a ‘a little fun’ and no one got hurt. Ads don’t just appear out of nowhere. There was a whole team who designed the campaign and they knew full well what message they were giving. I mean come on, how can people be on the side of the company supposedly not knowing it looks like a rape?!!

    And regarding some of the content of the above blog post link, it said that the model chose to be photographed and that can’t women be allowed to have a little imagination and fantasy? Yet that’s beside the point, the ad is targeted towards men. And the message surely wouldn’t be, to quote the article; “What there is, is eroticism, fantasy and subtlety”, it’s more like ‘free meat’, ‘bang me now’, ‘look how chic and sexy misogyny can look’.

    I was going to post something there, but I wasn’t sure if I could make an airtight arguement. And they way the article and comments were going I was sure I’d be eaten alive. :/

  4. http://www.bilerico.com/2008/06/dolce_gabbana_sells_gang_rape.php

    They did the same thing using a apparently unconscious nude male, gawkers, and a man fixing his belt.
    Rape itself is being used as the hook, not necessarily just the idea of a submissive, delicate female secretly enjoying the rewards of being ‘attractive’. What’s their angle and goal here?

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