The Hugo nominations are out!/Review of The Gilda Stories

Nippon 2007 Hugo Nominees!

There have already been posts about the lack of women nominees. Among the 20 fiction nominees only one is female. Which considering the number of talented female authors out there I find absurd.

Author Rachel Manija Brown chimes in with the lack of japanese authors at a time when the Hugos will be presented in Japan.

She brings up a good point, non-western sf/f tends to be ignored by the Western sf/f audience and that’s a symptom of some privilege right there. We can ignore non-western sf/f while non-westerners in all likelihood cannot ignore the western sf/f audience or authors.

Review of The Gilda Stories (Winner of 2 Lambda Awards) by Jewelle Gomez.This is a book I read about 5 years ago and recently had to reread for a class. I fell in love with the main character all over again. The Gilda Stories follows an escaped slave turned vampire through 200 years, from 1850 – 2050. We follow this black lesbian vampire through her experiences in 1890 California, 1955 Boston, 1970’s New York and onward. The chapters are divided by time period and show just a snapshot of life in that time.The thing that really sticks out about this book for me is the fact that it’s about connection, about community. It’s about this black woman finding solace by hanging out with other women and especially black women. It’s about the families we are born with and those we make ourselves. Unlike traditional vampire fiction which tend to show a very solitary existence or have a patriarchal hierarchy in control this is about equality, love and family. It’s about how we treat each other and the planet. It’s about being “the other” in more than one way and dealing with it, finding those who’ll support you and turning from those who would tear you down.Also the Gilda stories are ongoing as far as I know. I’ve seen at least two stories that are not in the novel in other collections. I recommend everyone pick up a copy and start clamoring for a sequel.

4 out of 4 vampire fangs (stars)


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