Leaving For Wiscon Tomorrow!

My flight leaves SFO @ 11:30 p.m. tomorrow. Landing in Chicago @ 5:30 their time, then I have a layover of over 2 hours before boarding my next plane to Madison. I’ll be at the hotel at like 10 a.m. and check in is not until 4 p.m. so I’ll see if I can stow my luggage with the staff and volunteer to stuff envelopes for the Con. I’m going to email the volunteer coordinator right now.
I’m a bit nervous because this will be the longest flight I’ve ever taken on my own. Usually it’s just up and down the state. I have a copy of Fledgling by Octavia Butler to read on the plane to entertain me though.

Things to do before tomorrow night:
Mail off taxes
Try and complete FAFSA for this past school year

Also I’ve talked to my fellow panelists (through email) for two of my panels. Luckily it was the two I was the most worried about. I feel calmer and much more capable now.

I’ll try to blog a little tomorrow and do some @ Wiscon too but for now back to laundry.


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