WisCon 31 Recalled 1/4: The Tale Begins…

Got back home Tues. night, crashed and used Weds. to decompress and relax in my own bed.

Though the Con started out very negative, which I won’t go into but it was through no fault of the ConComm or those attending the Con, I ended up loving my 1st Wiscon and definitely deciding to return next year.

Now this will be a general recall of the night before & the first day of the con, because I don’t take notes.

Thursday Night
Packet stuffing galore! Where I met great people, including but not limited too: Julia Starkey, Johanna a.k.a. littlebutfierce & Phredd. Also in the middle of packet stuffing Jackie arrived, after many an airport mishap.

Then it was off to dinner, where the bad thing happened, back to the room to let the bad thing percolate, then down to the bar.
Luckily the next day went better.

This day begun with a trip down the street to the local feminist bookstore, A Room of One’s Own, where my friend & roommate, Jackie & I spent copious amounts of money. I not only picked up some genre work but also a collection of Barbara Smith’s essays (a complete listing of all books purchased will be posted when the bulk of them arrive, I had to ship 26 pounds of books). Then it was down to the local “hippie-dippie” (which is said with love) community pharmacy to pick up a toothbrush/toothpaste for myself (I always forget something) and natural decongestant for Jackie (her ears were blocked from the plane ride in).

We then returned to the room, rested for a bit and then headed off to the dealers room, where I had a great conversation with the wonderful Kate Elliot, about race, writing, publishing and its future and more. At one point I paused the discussion so I could tell her how much I loved her work. It went something like this:
“Okay I’m just gonna get this out of the way. I love your work and remember adoring Jaran when I first read it. I just wanted to get thew fanboyishness out of the way first and foremost.” She thanked me and then we moved on to other topics. We made plans for lunch with the rest of the people on our panel, “Why Is The Universe So Damn White?”, for the next day.

After going to drop off my purchases, of which there were many, we headed to The Gathering. So much to do but me, being me, I concentrated on the $1 galleys and the other booksales. Jackie was pulled aside by the fabulous Molly, who was hosting “Show Us Your Tats”. We were amused simply because Jackie had already been planning on participating but was worried about disrobing somewhat to display all her tattoos. Molly said that they had no problem with a partial disrobe and proceeded to call Jackie up as the first victim.

Somewhere in here we ran into some wonderful people like; Leah, Candra, Allison, leela_cat, Lori and various and sundry other folks I only knew from online or not at all. Our group headed out for some Indian food, then back for the Whither Hero(in)es panel.

From what I can recall the panel went well, with people bringing up their issues with Nikisca (as I call her), Claire, Hannah, Simone, Charlie and other female characters. Points brought up included:
– The fact that all the women have stereotypical female roles
– The regression of Claire, back into a Daddy’s Girl, in the finale
– The destruction of the female body, throughout the series
– The fact that the female character with the most backstory, Hannah, appears very rarely onscreen. Most (or all) of her character is fleshed out in the extras.
– The complete absences of WoC (Women of Color) heroes
– The manipulative or “bad” mom trope that Heroes is paying much attention too.
– Identifying with Claire, the unpopular cheerleader & just how many cheer-leading outfits can she afford to ruin (that stuff is expensive!)

Then it was off to the Carl Brandon Society party, where there was chocolate liqueur and party games. The amazing Nisi Shawl made a fabulous crown for my afro and I ended up joining the society itself. I went across the hall to the Think Galactic party so I could beat on a pinata, in the shape of a rocket ship, that represented the patriarchy and was named the S.S. G.W. Bush. Later in the Con someone approached me and praised my violence with the pinata. I do love to beat down the patriarchy.

Back in the Carl Brandon Party it was time for the music mixes, 3 songs that are connected to POC & Science-Fiction. I almost fell out when Candra busted out with Cibo Matto – Sci-Fi Wasabi (one of my favourite songs!). Prizes were given out and then it was off to bed, to drunkenly guzzled down water and sleep.

Next: WisCon 31 Recalled 2/4: My First Panel or What The Hell Am I Doing Up At This Table?!?


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