WisCon 31 Recalled 4/4: What do you mean it’s over?!? No, I won’t return to the real world! Nooooooooooo!

As before feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong, I’m working from a memory over a week old.

I rose very early (8 a.m.) on Monday morning so I could head down to the Interfictions Anthology Reading, to support my girl Tempest. Since it was so early I wandered down in my sleep pants and bandanna. The reading was amazing. Even though I had picked up the anthology I hadn’t actually read any of the stories. Tempest gave us just a little taste from her amazing contribution “Black Feather”. Then Catherynne Valente read her whole story, “A Dirge for Prester John”. As much as I loved her reading style and the story it was just a little too long for 8:30 in the morning. I immediately went upstairs and read Tempest’s story, which by the way – FABULOUS!, then jumped in the shower to prepare for the Sign-Out.

Headed down to the Sign-Out where I got signatures from Laurie J. Marks, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Andrea Hairston, Nicola Griffith & Catherynne Valente. Surprisingly Nina Kiriki Hoffman was also signing even though she wasn’t on the list.  I approached her and told her how much I loved her work and that I had forced Jackie to by “A Fistful of Sky” which is one of my favorite books. I actually picked up another one of her books, “Spirits That Walk in Shadow” at the Con but it was already packed away *emo tear*. We wandered over to the Dealers Room while we waited to see if Pat Murphy was going to be signing (her name sign was there but hadn’t been picked up). On the way we made plans to meet up in a few minutes and go out to lunch with Leah, Candra & Allison.

Picked up a few more books in the Dealers Room and headed back to the Sign-Out. Pat Murphy was there so we got her signature and then headed over to Cosi for lunch. Candra, Allison & Leah had to leave immediately after so we said goodbye and Jackie and I headed to the bar. We hung out with Nisi and Victor for a while, had a few drinks, and then headed up to the Dead Cow Party. There we knitted/worked/talked for a while. Then Jackie, Tempest, Wendy & I headed up to the bar on the 14th floor where we drank and had a good ‘ole time. We closed the bar down, Wendy receiving the last drink of the Con, and headed back to the Dead Cow party. A large group of us (I would name names but some I don’t know plus I was more than a little tipsy at this point) hung out there until like 1 in the morning.
Headed back to my room and fell asleep.

Jackie woke me up to say goodbye at like 5:30 and then headed off to catch her plane. I woke up for real at around 9, went downstairs, checked out and hung out in the lobby with Cynthia, Bill, Wendy, Tempest and other people (I’ve forgotten who, sorry) until it was time for Tempest and I to catch the hotel shuttle to the airport. When we got to the airport we had lunch (well Tempest had lunch, I just sipped on a beer) by this time her flight was boarding so we said goodbye and I headed over to my gate. My flight wasn’t for over two hours and heading out of the gate before me was Andrea Hairston and her friend (whose name I forgot, again sorry). We had a cool conversation about Creative Writing programs and poetry until their flight headed off.

Turns out I was on the same plane as Debbie and her partner, even though we weren’t sitting anywhere near each other. When we arrived at SFO Debbie’s friend, Laurie I believe?, who had also been on the plane offered me a ride home.

That is all for my WisCon report but there is a post called WisCon minutiae that will be going up soon with a few links and notes.

All in all it was a great con where I met some amazing people, both mentioned in the report and not. I will definitely be going back next year!


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