I’m at the main library and something is going down outside! As far as I can tell (looking out the windows) there are 30 – 40 slow moving people outside trying to make their way in! They’re jumping on random strangers and wrestling them down to the ground…and it looks like their biting them! I’m seeing a lot of blog posts from all over talking about zombies. But that can’t be true…right? The library asked us all to stay were we are, so I’m in the 3rd floor computer area, but that was 30 minutes ago and we haven’t heard anything else. I’m ready to –

Holy-fucking-shit! that was glass breaking! Something is about to jump off in here, gotta go. I’ll try to post later. If I’m still alive.


One response to “BLITEOTW

  1. o.O

    You do get yourself into some of the strangest pickles don’t you Pet?
    Keep us abreast of what’s happening and stay safe.

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