Home Sweet Home (BLITEOTW)

Made it home but there were some close calls. At one point I had to whole up in a storefront church with a bunch of other refugees. The zombies were beating on the door when suddenly they started to just drop where they stood.

The way home was littered with rotting corpses. Thank God. I’m taking this to mean that we might be zombie free as early as tomorrow.

The nightmare may be over but what made it happen? What caused this horror? And will it happen again?

I know one thing for sure I’m getting my Apocalypse Preparedness Kit together this summer.


2 responses to “Home Sweet Home (BLITEOTW)

  1. We nearly died!!!!!!!!! Why isnt the media all over this?

  2. katana –
    I know! The media has totally been ignoring the bloodbath that occurred yesterday! If it weren’t for the bloggers no one would know of the one day ZombieApocalypse.


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