Posting From The Road (BLITEOTW)

I’m posting from a blackberry I found next to what was left of a businessman in the Financial District. We fought our way from the library and though there were a lot of casualties I made it out without being bitten. Plus found a cool new tech toy. SCORE!

I’m on the road with some fellow refugees, rolling down the street in a Hummer we stole.  I don’t agree with Hummers as rec vehicles but damn their great when you’re mowing down zombies!

We’re gonna try to make it out of the city but every road we’ve tried has been blocked by the U.S. Military. They’re going for containment but I’ll be damned if I’ll let them trap me in this zombie playground! Sure the zombies are slow but they’ve got numbers.

Shit! We’ve run out of gas! It’s my turn with the gas siphon. Taking my shotgun and hitting the first car I see. I’ll blog later, if I survive.


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