Solo Again (BLITEOTW)

By the time I got back to the Hummer with fuel the zombies were all over it. I managed not to draw their attention and headed back around the corner. I’m stuck in the middle of ythe Mission, zombies on every side. I think my best option is to somehow commandeer a vehicle (I knew I should have learned to hotwire when I had the chance!).

I’m holed up in an abandoned building on 17th & Mission right now. My only plan is to get home and hole up there until help arrives. It’s a long road and I want to get there before dark so I better head out.

Oh Shit!

Okay I’m back, had to take out two zombies that somehow sniffed me out. The shelter’s been compromised gotta go. If anyone knows what the military are planning comment on this. I have a very bad feeling they’re gonna try to burn out the infection. I’ll blog again, if I haven’t been eaten by zombies or burned alive by my own government.

P.S. If any of my friends from the bay are still alive and kicking comment and I’ll try to swing by and pick you up. Safety in numbers and all that.


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