Just spent the morning doing laundry because tomorrow I’m flying down to Southern California to visit family. I will be in the sweltering heat of SoCal for 5 days. Pray for me. My sickness has definitely thrown off my reading plan so I’m taking four books with me to read/ hopefully finish while down there.

1. Mindscape – Andrea Hairston: I’m about 100 pages in and while in the beginning I was confused because some hings were unexplained I’m now really starting to get a feel for this book. I’m getting sucked into the story and loving it.

2. killing rage – bell hooks: I got halfway through this book before school got in the way so hopefully I can finally finish it. I love what I’ve read so far.

3. The Orphan’s Tales; In The Night Garden by Catherynne M. Valente: Comes greatly recommended by Jackie so it’s been moved up the tentative reading list in my head.

4. The Truth That Never Hurts; Writings on Race, Gender and Freedom by Barbara Smith: I’ve heard a lot about Barbara but never read her stuff so I’m duly excited.

I will also be thinking about my premiere post on the FeministSF The Blog, which will be about the Sign of The Zodiac novels by Vicki Pettersson, while I’m down in SoCal. I’ve got a preliminary outline of the five major issues I want to talk about so hopefully I’ll have to time to build on those and think about them when I’m not reconnecting with family.

In other news I submitted a story to a forthcoming anthology. Two of my wonderful friends Cinda & Jackie went over it before hand and told me it didn’t suck, so YAY! Other than that I have 3 short stories I want to work on and my first novel which is still in the research stages but I hope to start writing by the beginning of July.

Also need to add two books to my summer reading list. Dhalgren & Dune were both books I picked up at a very young age (about 12, 13), tried to read and then decided I was too young to understand. I think I might be old enough now, or at least I hope so.


One response to “Miscellany!

  1. Oh god, I feel so very old… and so very envious! You’ll be reading Dhalgren for the first time…
    read fast! Post your thoughts! Blow your mind!

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