I have returned

Actually I was back on Weds. but I’ve been crazy busy lately. So an update.
In writerly news –
I have one short story out right now and three other publications I’ll be submitting too in the near future…just as soon as I write the stories.
My first post for the FeministSFBlog should be going live in the next few days
In Sci-Fi/Book news –
Doctor Who kicks ass! Serious ass! The last three episodes (Blink, Utopia & The Sound of Drums) have been some of the best F/SF TV I’ve seen in quite a while.
I’ve finished Mindscape by Andrea Hairston which I thought was amazing and totally blew my mind. When I met Andrea at Wiscon she told me to email her when I finished. Let her know what I thought so I have to work on that email.
I also finished Killing Rage by bell hooks & The Orphan’s Tale: In The Night Garden which were also really great books.
I am now dividing my time between The Truth That Never Hurts by Barbara Smith & Ammonite by Nicola Griffith


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