I Like Logic

Currently I’m reading Fire Logic and I’m so sucked in that almost nothing else matters. So I feel I might be a little useless as I devour the books in the series that are out so far.

Other than that I’m behind on my schedule to start the novel I want to write during the summer but I’m not that worried about it. The beginning requires a lot less research (which I haven’t really started yet) because it starts in the modern day.

My music tastes seemed to have made a reversal lately in that I want to listen to Ani DiFranco again and again. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I do own all her albums after all, it’s kind of odd since I haven’t been such an Ani fanatic in years. There’s something going on right now that fills me with a need for semi-political folk music, probably because I think American society/gov’t is tottering on its last legs but not in the good revolutionary way. It feels like whatever comes after is going to be just as evil if not moreso.

Anyway this is all to say that listening to the Ani album, Knuckledown while reading Fire Logic really fits for me. I love pairing music with what I’m reading at the moment. Whenever I hear Fiona Apple’s first CD Tidal it takes me back to lying on my bed headphones on and CD on constant repeat while I read the whole Belgariad series by David Eddings. It’s such a shame that I cannot stand those books now (in fact they might be my next post for the Feminist SF Blog).

“And maybe it was I who betrayed his majesty
With no opposite reality
Like a puddle with no reflection
Of the sky or the trees
But after my dreaded beheading
I tied that sucker back on with a string
And I guess I’m pretty different now

– Ani DiFranco, Manhole


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