Updates On Writing

I’ve finished (or near enough) my birth/motherhood story. I just have to write up the last data transmission the captain sends.

Also the novel I’m supposed to be working on this summer is being a bit difficult so I’ve decided to make a very vague outline for it. I know some authors swear by extensive outlines but for me they’ve never really worked out. If I write an extensive detailed outline, I just can’t write any of the story. I feel as if the story’s already been mostly written. For me one of the things I love about writing is surprising myself with weird shit/lines/subplots that pop up in the middle of a story. If I outline too extensively I feel like there’s no wriggle room and I have to follow this rigid plan and that is definitely not me. I’m more a fan of Chaos Theory. So the outlines I’m working on for this book are purposely vague and leave a lot to be filled in but have allowed me to work out a bunch of the kinks in the story line and plan some overarching themes and plots. I’ve vaguely outlined 10 out of the 27 chapters. I’m going to try and finish the other chapters today.

Also going to try and finish my keytar story over the weekend.

P.S. Also I have two new ideas for entries to write up for the Feminist SF Blog (one on book covers & one on the Belgariad/Mallorean series) I should try to get those started this weekend too.


2 responses to “Updates On Writing

  1. OMG the Belgariad/Mallorean! I used to love those books in junior high. Now I shudder. I was @ a children’s bookstore here a while back, w/my then-boss & her amazing 11-year-old daughter (that I really want to get to WisCon sometime), & a clerk heard that we were looking for more books w/strong women in them for her. And she kept telling my then-boss that she HAD to get the Belgariad for her daughter. And I was like, er, I don’t think so… I’ve read those books! And the woman was like, Ce’Nedra & Polgara are totally strong women! Blah blah blah!

  2. Johanna –
    Ugh the idea that the Belgariad & Mallorean are in any way has strong women is laughable and the race things are just as bad. I mean the dark hordes to the East. Why?
    Like you said I loved them when I was younger and then a few years ago I thought about them in a critical way and was like “I actually liked this? Really?” As for Ce’Nedra – yeah it’s amazingly strong to be sent off like chattel to await a husband you don’t know in some abandoned citadel *cue the rolling of eyes*

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