Int’l Blog Against Racism Week!

August 6 – August 12 is Int’l Blog Against Racism Week. If I’m not on jury duty (honestly probably even if I am) I’ll be writing at least one post (probably more like 2-3) about race and racism. Go to the linked post read about what you can do and join me won’t you in spreading the word.

In other news people always talk about the pain of rejection (oh I know you so well) when discussing story submissions. More painful for me was seeing the book to which I had submitted and been rejected. It was a sharp pang in the chest that passed pretty quickly but still I was really not expecting it.

Harry Potter 7 tonight. Yes, I read Harry Potter. Yes, I have issues with the books and yes, I don’t even identify at all with the main character and yes, J.K. is not the best author out there… Wait where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the books are still entertaining as hell and really I need to know what happens.

This is all to say I might not be around for a couple of days but I disappear for a couple days on the regular so you probably wouldn’t even have noticed.


2 responses to “Int’l Blog Against Racism Week!

  1. the 7th book was good. a LOT of characters die, but I felt it was a pretty good ending overall :3

  2. Russ – I was really ambivalent on this book, not because of the death. It’s war I expect death but because I thought there were so many plot points she brought up and then just dropped. It felt rushed…and I want to rip the epilogue from my copy.

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