Writing, Thinking, Reviewing, Music & I’m Off!

I finished the first drafts of two short stories on Monday & and hoping to finish another 2 and start a third today.

I’ve been thinking on the novel I said I would finish this summer and have barely started. I think the issues I wanted to tackle were way too large for what I wanted to do. I think I need to address the issues of race and slavery within the work in a more roundabout and peripheral manner. Not hiding it but not beating people over the head with it. The minute I started to think in this way the more words filled my head. It’s still not all there but there’s more than their was.

Also I’ve been gathering ideas on what I want to blog about for IBARW (Int’l Blog Against Racism Week). There are more than a few things I want to talk about some that tie into to F/SF in general and some that don’t.

Just finished Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s “Spirits That Walk in Shadow” her first (I believe) YA book. I liked it but didn’t love it as I do her other work. I think that had some to do with the story and some to do with the format. The POV changed between the two main characters every chapter. I’m weird about POV shifts, sometimes I can roll with it and sometimes I just despise it. I rolled with it for a while but after a while I began to really dislike one of the main characters. So whenever it was time for her chapter I was like “Again!?”. Also the pacing seemed a little off to me
things happen so quickly and it seemed like I was just jerked along. I think one of the reasons I’ve really love her past works (especially”A Fistful of Sky”) is because it deals with magic and interpersonal relationships. How does magic alter/affect friendships and familial relationships? In this case that seemed to be left in the background for a more traditional ‘find & capture the baddie’ thing and it just sort of left me a little cold. I still think it’s a good book just to me it wasn’t great. Kudos on the racial diversity within family lines though! One of the white main characters has a black cousin, which was great and I identified with seeing as I have a few cousins and a brother who can pass for white.

My surprise new music obsession is Mandy Moore’s new album Wild Hope. This album sounds more like the female folk rock of the mid 90’s than the bubblegum pop of her previous albums. She also worked with some of my favorite artists including Chantal Kreviazuk, Rachel Yamagata & The Weepies and co-wrote all of the songs. Also listening to a lot of Bic Runga lately. Runga is a half-chinese, half-maori New Zealand artist that I love. She’s very popular down under but gets almost no love in the States, which is a damn shame. Here’s her video for the song Drive off her album of the same name:

Now I’m off to make some food (haven’t eaten all day) then it’s off to the library for some writing without distractions.


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