The future…

Been thinking about my future in general and specifically in relation to writing.

Plans to take the GRE are in motion, it’s slow but it’s motion none the less. I’ve been contemplating Grad schools for a variety of things not just writing and looking at schools. Ideally I would like to stay in the Bay Area but sadly that may not be an option. I want to get my M.F.A. in writing but there are other degrees I’ve been thinking about, such as a M.L.S. (Masters of Library Science). One of the schools near me has a great program and a lot of the classes are online only. Plus money is a factor beginning Librarians in the SF public Library system start at $60,000/year and if I get a job with a library before/during they’ll help pay for my education.

Also I’ve been thinking and tentatively planning on attending Clarion, Clarion West or Odyssey Writing Workshop next summer. This would entail me putting off my trip to Europe this winter for financial reasons but I think it’s worth it. Been thinking about ways to make this happen and I think the best plan is to get temp or contract work after I graduate so that I don’t settle at a job for six months and then tell them I’m taking six weeks off. Anyway as I said tentative and it also depends on if any of the programs accept me.

On the writing front I finished another short story 1st draft yesterday. Today I plan to finish a couple more and do a little world building on the novel I keep mentioning but never starting. Before all this though I have to get caught up on my correspondence & eat breakfast, so I’m off.


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