My world, all mine! I control every aspect of it! I hold life and death in my hands! Hahahahahaha (mine is an evil laugh)

One of my favorite parts of writing F/SF/H is the act of worldbuilding. Even if you’re writing a short story you still create the world in your head even if you write nothing down. Want to make one half of the world a blasted wasteland because some city pissed off the God of Pestilence, go right ahead. How has that affected the rest of the world? How about a world where the only deities they worship are ones of love and sex, what does that mean for how people act?

I’m world building currently for the novel I’m going to write. I have about 4 – 5 pages of notes which include a map. On top of that I have 2 – 3 pages of story notes, points I want to touch on, instances I want to happen. This is all in the last couple of days. I think I’ll be ready to start writing the actual story by Monday, so cross your fingers everyone.

I wanted it to only be one novel but it might end up being a few more if I’m going to deal with everything I want too, which includes gender, class, slavery and race. Then again maybe not. I don’t really know right now but I do know I love the world I’m creating, even though I wouldn’t want to live there.


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