things to write, things to watch, things to read

The novel goes, only a few pages so far but it goes. I was thinking of sharing a little snippet but it’s in its very first draft so we’ll wait on that. When I write I usually do my very first draft, my official first draft, my second draft, then it gets sent to people I trust to read it over it gets returned with notes and then I go over it once more. I love to edit but I know I have to set limits on myself otherwise I’ll just edit it forever and down to nothing.

Also why is it that I’ve barely started this fantasy novel and I already know what my next novel will be: A futuristic Sci-Fi murder mystery with repressed Psychics and burnt out normals. Maybe the flood gates have finally burst open. Anyway for now I’m trying to concentrate on Nemie and her journey (the as yet untitled fantasy novel) as opposed to Shila Vasath-Gray and her investigation (the Psychic Sci-fi work).

I also have three short stories that have yet to be typed up. I’ll need to get on that ASAP since the crazy birth one is one I want to submit to an upcoming anthology.

An aside, if anyone has Netflix and is taking advantage of the new service Watch Instantly they just put up Pan’s Labyrinth for online watching. I cannot say just how much I recommend this film and how much I love it. Dark fantasy mixes with the dark history of Franco’s fascist rule. Honestly one of the most amazing films out there right now. Even if you don’t have Netflix I recommend you rent this film from somewhere as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed but I should point out that it is a foreign language film.

Also a story recommendation: The Beacon by Darja Malcolm-Clarke over at Clarkesworld. It’s about insects and gender roles and a quest but not in the way you might be thinking. Just head over and read it, it’s not that long and it’s fantastic. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Currently Reading: Crystal Rain by Tobias S. Buckell


2 responses to “things to write, things to watch, things to read

  1. Whao, that was a good story. I kept tripping over the wife/he thing – I ended up having to parse it as a translation choice from the insect’s language. I’m not sure I would have had as much trouble with husband/she, which is interesting.

    It seems to me that is a story about reactions to, well, feminism, but in a larger context, changes to the status quo.

  2. Rhiannon – That’s what I think the story is about too. The pronoun change is really what troubled (in a good way) the gender roles for me. It’s not a “typical” reversal of patriarchy because their gender pronouns and terms for each other do not allow us to place our own gender ideas in the story. We’re set in this world where the genders are so far away from our ideas of gender that we can’t identify in the normal way we would. It really complicates the idea of specified gender roles in a really interesting way that I love.

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