Shopping! & Writing in Groups.

I should be writing just because I did nothing but laze around in bed yesterday but instead I’m getting all excited about shopping today! Back to School shopping! Which is really just an excuse for new clothes (what? I can’t let my classmates and teachers see me in the same clothes I wore last semester, come on now. Think!) and maybe some notebooks and stuff but whatever those things can wait.

There will most likely be writing after shopping though because my shopping buddy J. has applications to fill out. After shopping for a few hours we’ll head to some late night cafe and I’ll whip out my notebook while she whips out her resumes.

I enjoy writing around people, there’s just something about being in the presence of others when you write that works well for me. You can concentrate on your own work and lose yourself in it without feeling isolated. You also have someone to bounce ideas off of, just raise your head real quick and say ‘Oh yeah I was thining this…’ and get some instant feedback. You don’t always follow the feedback of course but it’s good to have that option.

Okay shower, food and shopping.


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