School Out FOREVER! (A Sincere Wish)

I hate school. No really, I do. I don’t know why I’m even thinking about going to Grad school, but I still am. Let’s start at the beginning: This being my last semester I have to take a couple science classes that I’ve avoided forever Biology 100 & 101. Science and I have a very contentious relationship in that it hates me and I return the favor. I know I hear the screams, ‘But your a Science-Fiction writer how can you hate science?’ Very easily in fact. See if they were teaching us how to build a hyperdrive or secretly implant people with chemicals that would cause them to mutate into horrible monsters forced to do my bidding I would be all over it! Instead it’s all atom => molecule => cell…and I’m bored. I’m not inquisitive enough about how my body works to be interested in Biology. My body works, that’s all I care about. I’m much more interested in the why than the how.

Then of course there’s the creative writing course I have to take for graduation in which the teacher hates F/SF/H. He hasn’t said it yet but I have friends who’ve taken him…so yeah.
This’ll be fun. /sarcasm

To keep it fair I have two other CW courses where I like the teachers and know they won’t be adverse to what I write so maybe it’s balanced? I don’t know. I do know that I might have to have a meeting with the Head of the Dept. if I get lambasted for writing F/SF/H in class. This is a Creative Writing class, the teacher should not have the right to censor us by what he considers creative.

In writing news, I’ve started a new short called: ‘Ode to an Idea on a Winter’s Eve’ and yes the title is meant to be super pretentious. Also it might change.


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