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I have over 20 posts “pinned” in my bloglines just because. Well I decided why not share them with y’all! This is another patented quick post so I’m only linking 5-6. Some are about writing and some are political. I do consider myself a feminist, anti-racist, anti-classcist, anti-most ists and a radical on the political scale. Just so you know.

So here are a few posts I love and some I’m intrigued by but-they-are-super-long-and-I-haven’t-read-them-in-their-entirety-yet. Going in Alphabetical order:

Charlie Anders lets us know that the new issue of Flurb is up. One of her stories Anxiety Branson, Social Security Hustler is there as well as a story she help co-write with three others. I’m definitely going to be checking it out.

Some of you know of my hate/love relationship with America’s Next Top Model. Those of you who don’t it would take to long to explain just trust me I love it but loathe myself and the show at the same time. Anyway, First Cycle winner (Adrienne Curry) has decided to boycott BET & Black History Month. Jen at Feministing has more. Jill at Feministe has the whole post up in case you don’t have Myspace. My favorite part is the defense that she’s not racist because she dated a black boy in high school. Not just any black boy but a really dark black boy. And she only got called N-lover by two people, so racism must be over. As I’ve said before I love it when white people tell me racism is over. ‘Cause of course they’d know.

Over at Feministe, Jill lets us know about the horrendous practice in Iraq of Bait & Kill. It’s a brutal stupid practice that simply reinforces my ideas about the people in charge of the military and how they’ll never be held accountable only the ones who’re forced to follow the orders.

Over at Feministing –

Ann reports on Manilow deciding not to attend the View unless he’s guaranteed not to be interviewed by Hasselbeck, their crazy republican woman. Now I’m not a fan of Manilow, I’m even less a fan of Hasselbeck. I think it comes down to the fact that as a star you are allowed to request interviewers and if you think your politics are in conflict? Or you think you can’t sit down with Hasselbeck without getting into a screaming fight? I totally understand.

Okay there are a few spoken word artists that I’m close to in love with at the top of that list – Staceyann Chin! Celina has a little mini-interview with her.

More Staceyann –
Here’s a clip from a new documentary I want to see, black./womyn.: conversations with lesbians of African descent she gets deep on her home country (Jamaica), religion and violence.

Really just go to the users youtube page and check out all the clips from the different womyn interviewed.

Staceyann performing “If Only Out of Vanity”, she’s the second performer in this clip:

Okay I wanted to link a few more but I’ve been on here way to long. Another links post either tonight or tomorrow and another more personal post in the same time frame.


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