We Don’t Need No Education. Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone! – (quick post on grad school)

So I’ve narrowed down the grad schools I’m applying to, they will be: San Francisco State, Mills College, California College of the Arts & University of Southern Maine-Stonecoast (one of the M.F.A. programs in the country that actually has an M.F.A. in Popular Fiction meaning Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Mystery/Horror/Romance/Westerns/ etc., current teachers include James Patrick Kelly & Kelly Link).

Now I have to get two more letters of recommendation and start on my applications.

Oh and since I said I would start sharing some of my stuff on this blog here’s a one page something I wrote about a week ago”

The rain was warm. It fell over my body in heavy waves, feet to crown then back again.

            “How long will the storm last, do ya think?”

            I opened my eyes. Black swirling clouds above, let out another torrent of rain. I opened my mouth. “Ah donch kna,” I gargled.

            “What?” A wet hand slapped against my stomach, hard. The expulsion of air through my abdomen, up my throat, through my lips caused the water to geyser from my mouth. I coughed, flinging her hand from me and curling up.

            “I…don’t…fucking…know.” I managed between coughs.

            Lisa mumbled an apology and turned on her side to watch me sputter. The wet ground painted green and brown streaks across her dark skin. My fingers twitched. She watched me as I lay back down. She arched her back towards me, a difference so minor as to be measured in millimeters. I closed my eyes.

            I could feel the heat of her fingers as they fluttered over my body blocking the rain for moments. She rested her fingers on a patch of skin right under my breast, usually hidden from light and touch. My body tightened. I was aware of the pools of water dotting my bare skin. The hollow of my neck, my bellybutton, the “v” of my legs, I sunk my toes into the damp earth. I waited for her lips on me but she just rubbed. I drifted. I became aware that Lisa was singing low, a long moan with rhythm.

            “wade in the water, children”

            I blinked my eyes open.

            “wade in the water”

            Tightened my feet, anchoring in the dark earth. Held on tight.

            “God’s gonna trouble the water”

That’s all for now….


One response to “We Don’t Need No Education. Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone! – (quick post on grad school)

  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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