Je suis une bunny (meaning quick post!)

Four exciting things have happened in the last few days:

#1 Another professor agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. (Note to self: contact schools)

#2 I was asked to submit an essay to the WisCon anthology. I have an idea on what I want to write but I have to email them my idea and see if it’s okay.

#3 The first teacher who agreed to write me a recommendation caught up with me yesterday and asked if I would read something at this informal reading series he has in his home.

#4 Is a secret for two more days. I’ll post about it on Sat.

So last night I was nervous waiting for the other shoe to drop when I realized that is not the way to live your life. I am going to enjoy this sudden windfall and be happy about the whole thing. So YAY!


2 responses to “Je suis une bunny (meaning quick post!)

  1. Yay for you!

    Also, yay WisCon anthology! I forgot to send you email about that so I am glad they solicited something from you!

  2. w00t!

    Or is w00t passe now?

    I know the feeling about waiting for the other shoe to drop and not being able to enjoy the sudden windfalls. A psychologist I know calls this the difference between the poverty psyche and the abundance psyche: one sees scarcity first, while the other sees what is going well (while maintaining realistic assessments of what needs to be done).

    Btw, I got my BA from Mills College. They have a good writing MFA program.

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