Update on Blog Work

So the Science-Fiction blog I’m working for will be launching pretty soon and I’ll keep y’all updated on that front. But the personally relevant news is that in addition to being the intern they want me to write a couple of book reviews a week. Now this no problem but this blog is specifically about science-fiction, no fantasy or horror unless it ties into science somehow. I tend to read more fantasy that science-fiction so I’m asking for you recommendations! I mean we will be getting free advanced copies for me to read and review but one of the points of the blog is just about finding cool shit for people to read no matter if it’s new or 40 years old.

So send me your recommendations for science-fiction! All that I ask is that the main character be female because that’s my preference.

Other than that I’m working on a story for one of my classes that’s more futurist and a urban fantasy/humor zombie romance short story called “How I learned to stop worrying and love the stitches.”

Also if you’re in the Bay Area Writers With Drinks is tonight. There will be fantabulous people reading:
Kage Baker (The Sons of Heaven)
Jessy Randall (A Day In Boyland)
Inga Muscio (Cunt, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil)
James Calder (In A Family Way, Knockout Mouse)
Ellery Urquhart (Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Competition)
Samhita Mukhopadhyay (Feministing, Racewire)

So come on down if you can.


8 responses to “Update on Blog Work

  1. Oh, you’ve gotta report back on if Inga Muscio is as fucked up in person as her books are!!

    Also, re: that reading lineup & your book reviews for the sf blog–have you read any Kage Baker? I just finished the last Company book & loooved it. Otherwise I tend to read much more fantasy as well, so I will be checking back here to see what folks rec to you!

    (this is johanna/littlebutfierce, btw)

  2. Have you read Joan Sloncnewski’s (probably spelled wrong) A DOOR INTO OCEAN? It has a couple of point of view characters, one of whom is male, but the rest, I am pretty sure, are female. It’s thoughtful, talky, has quite good science, and wrestles with difficult issues. I think it’s quite a good book.

  3. vegansofcolor-
    Inga actually did not show up for the reading. Something
    came up which is sad because after reading what you had to say about the book it would have been interesting to see what exactly she would read.

    Kage Baker read from another short story not in The Company series and I really loved it. I’ll definitely have to check out The Company series now.


  4. Kate-
    I will definitely add that to the list! It sounds like my kind of book.


  5. I have a couple more suggestions, which you may or may not like, but which are all sf with a science component (to a greater or lesser extent). It’s just these are mostly older books, so it may be hard to find them.

    The Poison Master by Liz Williams. Female lead. Maybe even first person (I can’t remember). I really liked this book. Williams is a very very smart writer.

    Snare, by Katharine Kerr. Multipov, including at least one very strong female protag and a cool nomadic society where women have a lot of power (interestingly, Kit and wrote drafts of our books with female-centered nomadic societies at about the same time, although Snare was published much much later after an extension reworking). I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that although this may seem rather like a fantasy epic, it is sf.

    Rosemary Kirstein’s The Steerswoman and its sequels (Del Rey packaged the first two as The Steerswoman’s Road a few years ago; there are two more). Great books. Really well worked out world, and fine characterization. Female protags, best friends (don’t see enough of that). There are other pov characters, but the two women are at the heart of the books.

    Try anything by Linda Nagata. I haven’t liked everything equally well, but she’s a really interesting writer and her science is strong and her themes are often about difficult social ramifications of technology and society.

    Okay, I am sure that’s more than you wanted. I just get so enthusiastic about books . . .

  6. Kate –
    Feel completely free to inundate me with book suggestions, in fact if you think of more just come back and list them. I’ll make a to read list. The funny thing is I just picked up The Poison Master last weekend on a whim and have it in my to read pile. I’ll just move it up and read it next.

    I tried The Steerswoman books a few years ago but didn’t finish the first one. Not because I didn’t think it was great writing but because I had been expecting a fantasy bent and it was more sciencey than I wanted at the time. I’ll definitely go back and read those, I’ve heard amazing things about them and the two female best friends relationship is one of my favorites in fiction.

    I’ll also pick up the others you listed and like I said if you have more suggestions bring ’em on!

  7. The reads-like-a-fantasy-but-is-really-science-fiction setting is hard to bring off, but for me as a reader both Kirstein and Kerr in The Snare really bring it off well. And there are definitely not enough female best friends in sff – Kirstein does this exceptionally well.

    Also, Katharine Kerr’s Deverry series (start with “Daggerspell”) is one of my favorite fantasy series ever, although I know you’re specifically looking for sf right now.

  8. I am looking for SF right now but fantasy recommendations are never amiss. I’ll try and pick up Daggerspell soonish.

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