New Years Writing Resolutions

I actually made the first resolution before NYE but I’m using it as my big resolution this year. I want to finish the first drafts of three novels before August. See I’m acting like I’m already in Grad School (even though on average it takes people two years to gain acceptance to a grad program) and so will be so busy once it starts, in late August/ early September that I must have my shit done by then. They don’t have to be polished I just want them down on the page.

3 Novels I will be working on:

– A more traditional fantasy novel based on caste systems which I already have a bunch of notes for and have started. A standalone for the most part that could be turned into a trilogy or series but at this point I want it to be a standalone.

– What I like to call a Urban Science Fiction novel, involves psychics, murder & abstinence (it all makes sense eventually, trust me) . Don’t have any notes on this yet but I know the basic plot and direction in my head. Definitely a standalone novel.

– An Urban Fantasy set in San Francisco that deals with class, race, gender and all that good stuff on top of political machinations. Just started jotting down notes for this one but it involves some stuff I haven’t seen in the genre before so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out.  Definitely a trilogy ’cause I’ll need more than one book to tell the story I want to tell but I don’t want it to be one of those never-ending Urban Fantasy extravaganzas.

Additional Writing Resolutions:

1. Research script writing and start on that class war SF script that’s rattling around in my head.

2. Continue to submit stories.

3. Become even more involved with the writing community around the bay, maybe even get over my stage fright and start reading some stuff at an open mic, maybe.

4. Either revive the dead writing group or start a new one.

Hmm…that’s all for now.

Currently Reading: Nothing right now, just finished For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison. The next book will be between Ammonite by Nicola Griffith, Dark Ladies by Fritz Leiber or The City Not Long After by Pat Murphy. If anyone has a vote let me know.


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