Using Force

So I’ve been having this problem lately which is an inability to sit my butt in a chair and write. I mean I know where I want the stories to go and have notes on the word posted all around the inside of my skull but I just can’t seem to sit down and write anything. Ugh, I know that I need to buckle down and just write if I ever want to be a published author. After all isn’t there a saying about writing being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So no matter how great I think my ideas are if I don’t plant my ass in a chair and write it doesn’t really fucking matter does it. Le sigh.

Other than that the Job Search is on for real. I need to get a job in the next couple of months but I also am applying for the Clarion workshops so I would prefer a temp job so that I wouldn’t have to get this kick ass job and leave it in a few months. There are also some other conditions that are limiting my search, such as I don’t like dressing up I always feel uncomfortable and angry in a tie, also I don’t think I can handle anymore customer service without committing a felony. Despite these restrictions I have found quite a few jobs I want to apply for now I just have to actually apply.

Other than that I have finally signed up for WisCon32 & booked the hotel room (although my lateness means I’m not paying the con rate, which makes it almost double the price of last year but I HATE not staying in the con hotel so it’s worth it. Plus the other hotel I booked was just as expensive so whatevs. I’m also contemplating submitting a few ideas for panels, well see.

Okay back to job search, writing and grad school applications. More soon.


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