Is it odd?

I just realized something about my F/SF tendencies. When reading I prefer Fantasy works, this includes all the subgenres like Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, etc. (not to say I don’t love some Sci-Fi books) but when watching T.V. or Movies I much prefer Science-Fiction (proven by the fact that I’ve owned the 3rd Lord of the Rings film for over 2 years and haven’t opened it yet despite the fact that I really did like the first two in the trilogy). I especially like what most would consider bad Sci-Fi films like Darklight & Ultraviolet.

I wonder if this is because my brain finds it easier to imagine mythical worlds rather than what might be the future? Or do I just find fantasy worlds boring on film because they so often look exactly the same (since most are filmed in New Zealand)? I don’t know but it was an interesting realization.


10 responses to “Is it odd?

  1. We should watch some asian fantasy sometime.

  2. I, too, read more fantasy than sf (although that may be because I don’t much care for the subgenre flavors of hard sf and alternate history–Nazis and Southerners win!!–, which makes up a significant chunk of the larger subset of sf), but I prefer tv/film sci-fi to tv/film fantasy. I think the latter is harder to do well.

  3. although now that I think about it, I don’t read much urban fantasy/paranormal–I think I like that better as tv/film, too. Maybe.

  4. Chris –
    We definitely should, what are you up to this weekend?

  5. Kate –
    I think you’re right on about tv/film fantasy being harder to do. And I also don’t like the alt-history or hard sf subsets of Sci-fi they just never really interested me.
    I do love to read and/or watch the Urban Fantasy stuff (I really miss the Dresden Files show), though recently I’ve been thinking how it’s mislabeled and is more Suburban than Urban. But I see where you’re coming from and I think there definitely is a way in which the more fantastical elements are toned down or left out when Urban Fantasy is adapted for the screen that makes it more realistic and a lot of the time gives it a better feel than the books. I think of all the fantasy genres, and this is only my opinion, Urban Fantasy has the most ability to go way over the top compared to other sub-genres.

  6. I’ve got a meeting on Sunday, and a possible datey-date on Saturday. But if Saturday falls through, I’ll be in SF anyway, if you want to kick it.

  7. I really like the phrase “Suburban Fantasy” because, yeah, that’s what most of it is.

    One of my problems with the current stylistic quirks of urban fantasy novels is the tendency to frontload a kind of infodump character/world build, that puts me (personally – not others) off as a reader. In a tv/film theoretically a lot of that can get done visually.

    Say, have you seen the anime Paprika? Weird, but cool.

  8. Chris-
    Just give me a call if the datey-date (insert appropriate middle school ooooooh noises here) falls through. Sorry it took me so long to reply I’ve been a bit hermitish (not checking email or LJ) for the last couple of days.

  9. Kate-
    the tendency to frontload a kind of infodump character/world build

    Yeah, that does tend to annoy me and at the same time part of me enjoys it because the most interesting part for me is how they’ve set up this world. So when the main character goes out of character and explains their world to the reader, part of me goes “WTF are you doing?!?” and a part of me goes “Oooh how did they arrange the world this time?” Although that may just be me being a freak, I used to go out and buy RPG books just to read the worldbuilding and never play a single game (now I just sit in the bookstore and read the first couple of chapters).

    I have not seen Paprika but I’ll definitely check it out. What I just read about it sounds weird as all get out, which I of course love. Have you seen Cat Soup? It’s 40 minutes of complete crazy (I’m still not sure I understand more than 5 minutes of it) but worth it for the amazing visuals.

  10. Cat Soup? Never even heard of it. Will go see if it is on Netflix. Thanks.

    You know, my sons do that: buy RPG books to read and reread and then never play a single game. I thought they were the only ones who did this, so I’m glad to see there’s at least one other . . . um . . . creative and unique person just like them.

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