Politics, I haven’t discussed my politics much on this blog. When I started this back in March (or whatever) of last year I had another blog where I posted more political things under a different name. I envisioned this blog as more about my process writing and a personal blog than anything else. However recent events have made me realize that’s impossible, you see politics are a part of my everyday life. Identity politics if nothing else. So maybe this is more of a warning than anything else, there will be political entries coming. Now the blog will never be all political , I’ll still have posts on my writing and movies and story recommendations but there will also be posts on feminism, sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, etc.

Just a heads up!


3 responses to “Politics

  1. I like political discussions but I tend to stay away from them on my lj (which is my blog) for reasons too complex to bore anyone with.

    Super Tuesday is tomorrow! We have early caucuses here, Feb 19. Should be interesting.

  2. Kate-
    Yeah there were a lot of reasons I kept political discussions out of this blog but as more often this becomes my primary blog I figure ‘what the hell’.

    Good Luck on the 19th!

  3. It’ll be interesting on the 19th. Obama should have the advantage here in HI, but one never knows. I haven’t seen a single poll. No Clinton presence that I know of, although I’m not sure who Sen Inouye (the most powerful man in the state) is backing.

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