I’ve received a rejection from one of the writing workshops I applied to. Now I’m just trying to get over the feeling of “Oh my god why am I even trying, everything I write sucks, why would anyone want me in their program, etc.” so that I can allow this setback to push me harder, to do more, to do better.

It is a very difficult road to want to be a professional writer because it’s a consistent line of rejections you see stretching ahead of you for who knows how long. It’s hard not to take every rejection of your work as a rejection of self.

Le sigh, I haven’t heard from either Clarion workshops and probably won’t until the end of March or any grad schools which probably won’t be until April/May and hat I need to work on is realizing that even if all of those things reject me I’m still a valid human being and writer. It’s hard.


2 responses to “Rejection!

  1. what genre are you writing?, have you consider self-publishing your novel?

  2. I write mostly F/SF and I have considered self-publishing but just don’t think I want to go that route right now.

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