Justice For Jason

LiveJournal User shati posted an overview of the case and in the interest of spreading the news of this travesty far and wide I’m reposting the text of that entry here:

and justice for all.
Late at night on February 3rd, a student at my college was stalked, harassed, threatened, and called racial slurs by two men (not students, and unconnected with the college) lurking outside his window. Which they then smashed. The student — Jason — called the police, but before they arrived, the two men busted into the dorm and attacked Jason, breaking his nose. He defended himself, and the men were stabbed (no one’s said whether the men brought the knife in with them or whether it came from somewhere else); all three of them had to be transported to a hospital afterward. When the police arrived, they restrained and handcuffed Jason, who is of Jamaican descent, before finding out that he was the one who had called them for help.

Jason has no previous criminal record — instead he’s got a record of social service and volunteer work. He’s been arrested on multiple charges, including two counts of assault with intent to murder. At first he was the only one charged; since then, one of his attackers has been charged with hate crimes and disorderly conduct, and the other still has not been charged at all. Both are white.

There’s a blog up called Justice for Jason. It has more information on the incident, on the legal fallout, and on how to help Jason’s family with the legal costs of his defense, which could be as much as $15,000.

Window repair: probably a couple hundred at most.
Legal defense: possibly as much $15,000.
Bearing the legal brunt of your own racist victimization: priceless.

ETA: Feel free to copy any part of this post if you want to help spread the word. (Which would be very appreciated.)


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