Spiderwick Chronicles

I have seen the movie twice (the first time I went alone because I had a couple of hours to kill, the second time a friend wanted to see it and I said I didn’t mind going again) and really I have to say I throughly enjoyed it. More than I enjoyed The Golden Compass movie but that may have to do with the fact that I haven’t read The Spiderwick Chronicles book series yet and so don’t know what was altered or left out because I was happier with TGC as a movie before my friends started reminding me of all the things that were left out or sanded down from their original sharp edges. That being said, in regards to Spiderwick I think the acting was pretty damn good, the storyline kept me intrigued and the fight scenes were fantastically gooey and disgusting.

I also think there might be fodder for a FemSF blog post because of the interesting gender roles in the human characters. Now my liking it  is not to say it wasn’t problematic it very much was in some odd ways, namely the gender issues with the otherworldly creatures. I think I have to let the movie percolate a few more days and then write something up.

And speaking of writing, the dreaded writer’s block has been defeated, I only wrote like a page yesterday but at least I wrote a page and I’m actually anxious to write some more so that’s great.


4 responses to “Spiderwick Chronicles

  1. Haven’t seen it but i watched a review on it(it’s at my blog).

  2. Sorry about the TGC reminders- it was such a let down for me, I was looking forward to youthful trauma on screen and I got Disney-ization instead.

  3. mauthor –
    Coll review, thanks for the heads-up.

  4. bankuei –
    No big, I still like it but you reminded me that it did fall down on a lot of the fucked-upedness. It was just the wrong fit, they wanted an children’s fantasy to cash in on and it was simply the wrong book to do that do. I wish the BBC would do their own version ’cause I think they would embrace the fucked-upedness.

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