Publication! & Forgotten Linkage.

My first publication! Woo! It’s not fiction but an essay I wrote about my experience at WisCon last year. It’s entitled Colonialism…In…Space! and on the Ground and will be in WisCon Chronicles 2 forthcoming from Aqueduct Press. It’s actually spurred me into contemplating actually writing essays to submit to Strange Horizons and such. It’s not something I’ve given much thought to before although others have suggested it because I just didn’t think I was good enough compared to what I’ve seen out there. This acceptance is like a shot of confidence/adrenalin in the tush.

Also I now realize I had forgotten to link to my last post for The Angry Black Woman: The Strong Woman & Emasculated Man. It actually got linked to by feministing which is kind of kickass.

That’s all for now but they’ll probably be a longer contemplative post in the next couple of days because someone’s comment has reminded me of something I said I’d write about and never did.

4 responses to “Publication! & Forgotten Linkage.

  1. Congrats!

    Of course you’re good enough. What are you waiting for?

  2. Kate-
    I don’t know it’s that whole paralyzed by the fear of rejection thing and not feeling like I’m good enough compared to the stuff I read. But yeah I just need to get over it and start submitting stuff.

  3. If you’re anything like me, you’ll never get over it. I just visualize a door closing on that voice, and then I grit my teeth, gird my loins (or whatever more tasteful or tasteless imagery you prefer) and just send the things out there to be praised or reviled. Actually, it doesn’t get easier with publication, I’ve found.

  4. Kate-
    it doesn’t get easier with publication, I’ve found.
    Well that’s…*smh* I was hoping the voices would be silenced but I guess deep down I knew they wouldn’t. Oh well nothing to do but do it. Or become a shuddering mass in the corner. But I choose option one.

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