Ah, overused stereotypes why?

So I’m reading Grimspace by Ann Aguirre and through about the first 150 pages it’s a ping-pong of cool and annoying. None of the women like each other and are extremely catty but there’s a lesbian character that I really like, the lesbian character plays a mechanic but was also once royalty.

Then I reach this description:

If people are talking to me, I don’t hear it, just gazing at the man sprawled on the makeshift dais. Damn, he’s…delicious: at least two meters tall, muscular, skin so dark it almost gleams blue, and long, wild braids trinketed with platinum and diamond glints. Just looking at him, I want to say he deserves every bit of his roguish reputation.
And please, can I be plunder?
Probably accustomed to this reaction, Hon gives me a slow grin, revealing white teeth, except for the front two, which appear to be solid gold. His voice is low and rich, lightly accented with a Darengo drawl unless I miss my guess. “Seem you keepin’ better company, March. Maybe I don’t kill you after all.”

I’m used to a certain amount of racial stereotype when POC do turn up in F/SF but damn.
We have the exotification – check
The instant animalistic attraction – check
The gold teeth – check
The fact that he’s a criminal – check
The faux-Island accent – check
Just…DAMN! That’s a lot of stereotypes playing on a lot of fucked up racial history at once. Especially after we deal with slavery earlier in the book with another character that feels like I’m drowning in white guilt. I don’t know if I can keep reading which is a shame because overall the plot and ideas of the book are just the sort of thing I like, revolution against a crooked conglomerate.

If I do finish you can be sure there will be a long write up for Feminist SF – The Blog! I just needed to get this part off my chest right now.


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