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So I have longer posts boiling about in my head but I’m in a little bit of a hurry because I’m about to go sit on cold concrete for hours for a General Admissions Comedy show (Margaret Cho). So I just have three links to share, let us start with the horrible and work our way to the hilarious.

1) Goth Clothes Prompted Killing

This 15 year-old boy and his friends stomped a grown woman to death because she was dressed as a goth. They started in on her boyfriend and when she tried to intervene turned on her. The boyfriend survived, she did not. If these young-ass motherfuckers try to use the whole “satanic panic” bullshit defense… I swear. As someone who hung with the goths pretty regular growing up and was semi-goth myself this does really strike a chord with me and pisses me off.

2) Creepy Gnome Terrorizes Town in Argentina

Okay something not many know about me, growing up I loved the Weekly World News. I bought it whenever my parents would let me. For those who don’t know the WWN is that black and white magazine at your newstand that has titles like “Bat-Child Found In New Mexico” “New Nostradamus Predictions From Beyond The Grave Say World Will End In 2010” or “The Bigfoot Diet”. I always kind of half-believed the stories and to this day I’m really superstitious about that kind of stuff (which I think helps me in my F/SF writing but that’s another post). Now while this is The Sun (UK) they’re basically the same and this has footage of the creepy gnome which freaked me the fuck out (but that could be the years of WWN affecting me) and I decided I should not be the only one to freak out. So, go and view the creepy ass blurry cellphone video.
3 ) The Daily Voice Reviews 10,000 B.C.

They slam it hardcore, for all the problems I could see in the damn trailer. As much as I love Steven Strait I don’t think I’ll be seeing this film.

Whenever you watch these films about pre-historic times you always get into the lofty problem of race. While race, as we know it, didn’t exist back then, it sure exists in Hollywood. For a predictable reason the movie stars pseudo-brown people. The leads like Strait and Belle are “browned up” with dreadlock wigs–like Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart, but with a stringy wig of dreadlocks… maybe the NAACP will honor 10,000 B.C. with a few nominations next year!

Everything about the actors’ presentation is inauthentic from the fake dirt to their Transylvania meets Spaniard accents. The representation of these pseudo-brown people is peculiar, unrealistic and borderline offensive. Emmerich should’ve taken notes from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and not “ethnicizie” his actors. Is it that challenging for brown people to play brown people?

As much as I dislike Mel Gibson, which is a lot, I will give him credit for that. He cast brown people to play brown characters (in Apocalypto)  and for some reason that seems to be getting increasingly rare.


2 responses to “Quick Links

  1. Even on South Park, Jesus is white.

  2. Kate,
    You’re right! I had forgotten that as good as South Park can be about some stuff they still have white!Jesus runnin’ around.

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