New Look!

Okay I went through the looks and I always want one with a customizable header so I found this one. Which I really kind of dig. Now the header will likely cycle and change every few months because I couldn’t find one that was just anti-oppression. They were all anti-racism, anti-sexism, etc. not a combination of them all which is what I want. Now I chose this particular header because:

#1 I’m very much in favor of rights for all immigrants, legal & illegal. I march when I can and speak out whenever I can because the arbitrary decisions that allow certain people immigrate legally to the U.S. are and always have been very racialized. Even now just look at the quotas of people enforced on some countries and the way certain countries have been disallowed from immigrating during periods in our shared history. Plus I am the child of an immigrant so it hits close to the bone.

#2 I am very anti- this diversionary tactic the current administration has used to get our mind off of Iraq by waving illegal immigration in our faces like a red cape. It’s even sadder that so many Americans feel for this smoke and mirrors gambit.

#3 After the racism that Larry Niven had the nerve to spout I felt it was important to show not only my support of immigrants but also that not all SF/F fans/writers want brown people gone/dead in the streets. If you’re unaware of his racist (that’s right I said racist, not un-PC, not inappropriate, racist as hell) comments, K. Tempest Bradford has the breakdown over at her journal.


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