Alteration of Classic Comic Characters (for the better)

Vito_Excalibur on livejournal has started a series of drawings called where she alters classic comic characters in interesting, gorgeous and feminist ways. She’s only done two so far but they tickle me so much and I recommend everyone go check them out and comment on their fabulousness.

Alter #1: Wonder Woman – What a wonder woman who actually looks greek and doesn’t wear America’s colors? Surely you jest.

Alter #2 Power Boy (Power Girl) – She even digs up the ridiculous response to people who’ve questioned the validity of her (Power Girl’s) cut-out costume, switches the pronouns and applies it to the drawing.

Let her know how much you enjoy these and keep an eye out for the next in the series.

2 responses to “Alteration of Classic Comic Characters (for the better)

  1. Power boy… so on point.

  2. Chris-
    Isn’t he though? I went into a dance of glee when I saw it.

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