Stop Being A Luddite, Simpleton!

So when it comes to fiction writing, I admit it I’m a bit of a luddite. I didn’t really think about it this way until I was talking with a past co-worker and told him I preferred to write my fiction long hand and only when it was complete type it into a word processing program. He stared at me for a moment then reached out to shake my hand and said “This is the first time I’ve met a luddite in person.”

I smacked him.

Though there is some truth in what he says, I’ve had bad luck with writing on the computer in the past and all the stories I did write on the computer sucked verily so I’m wary of it.

‘Cause it couldn’t have been that I was just a bad writer back then, could it?  

Anyway one of the other reasons I hand write my stories first is because I view it almost as a first draft. While writing in my notebook I make notes in the margins for things I want to go back and change, things that simply aren’t working or just words I use too often in the text. The text alters as I retype it even beyond the notes, tone and attitude changes as I create the world. That is what I’m used to. It’s my process and has been for years but I’m realizing that with all the time I spend on the computer at work and at home that I might be wasting valuable time that could be used for writing. So today I am going to experiment and attempt to denounce my luddite-ism (?) and start a story on the computer.

Wish me luck.


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