New Website seeks Contributors.

I saw this on the livejournal group deadbrowalking which you all should join if you haven’t already. Anyway there’s new website looking for contributors. I’ve emailed the individual about it, because really it’s a necessary website. Her example of wanting to discuss Ultimate X-man and being confronted with stupidity/racism/ignorance/etc. is true to life and we need space to just not deal with it sometimes. Like I said in my previous post sometimes it’s about conversing without whiteness. So here’s the call:

Greetings fellow GOC (geeks of color)

I’m starting up a new website very soon. and the focus of this website will be YOU, yes YOU.

Haven’t you ever wanted to have a discussion about the latest issue of Ultimate X-Men, and not have some ass backwards white guy saying something stupid/racist/ignorant/idiotic/just plain dumb? It happens all the time and I’m sick of it. Hence, the website.

What I’m looking for are contributors. That’s where YOU come in. I’m going to have several categories, and if you feel you’re an expert in the field, or just want to make a poignant observation, then holler at me.

Categories include:



TV Shows

Comic books/manga


Food (nothing to do with being a geek, but who doesn’t love a nice greasy burger while watching Battlestar Galactica?)

Video Games


Other categories will be added later.

Interested? Email me:

Thank you. 


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