Who Are The Hottest Men of Color in Gaming?

Pat over at Token Minoritesmade a recent post about the supposed 25 Hottest Men In Gaming pointing out what no one else did – that all the Men on the list were white, or rendered to look white (which is admittedly a standard practice in gaming, c’mon y’all remember Chun-Li don’t even try and act like you don’t). So Pat has decided to compose and alternate list of the 13 Hottest Men of Color in Gaming. So far we have:

13 – 10

9 – 6

Go check out the list, see if you agree or have better recommendations. Pat prefers the old-school 2D games like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, that’s why the list is so slanted in that direction. For the most part going through the list is like a flash back to high school, ’cause I remember playing all those games.

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