Dreams and Links

My weekend was troubled by dreams that I hardly remember including gaining hundreds and hundreds of pounds but looking the same so that when I stepped on the scales they tipped out at 1,000 pounds. And even though I looked the same feeling the weight of societal shame for weighing so much. Another dream involved me shaving my head without knowing why and then feeling this intense sadness whenever I saw my shorn skull.

Odd and disturbing dreams if only because they disturbed me much more than they should have.

So I have links to share, most that are political.

So something that hasn’t really hit the American news yet is the protests that are happening in Egypt. Fauzia, who is currently in Egypt breaks it down over at Feministe and wonders at why the U.S. is so interested in “liberating” and “sharing democracy” in such places as Afghanistan and Iraq but has no interest in doing so in Egypt, who happens to get the most U.S. aid in the world after Israel. For my part it’s because they’ve bowed to us and provide us with what we need. The second Egypt said “No” to something the U.S. really wanted we would be in there “spreading democracy” before you could say: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Keep in mind Fauzia is not actually supporting or calling for the US to come into Egypt but pointing out the fallacy of believing that our gov’t is actually about “spreading democracy” as opposed to getting all it can like a spoiled child on X-mas morning (at least that’s how I interpreted it).

On Prisons, Borders, Safety and Privilege: An Open Letter To White Feminists is a very interesting essay by a white feminist that deconstructs her own privilege and the privilege of the movement even as the movement talks of intersectionality and inclusiveness. A call I’ve heard often from white feminist women, of how to get more Women of Color involved in the movement. Well, this letter breaks down the co-opting of our words/experiences and ignoring of news that matters to us as People of Color and why we tend to be wary of “feminist” movements and spaces because for too long “feminist” has equalled white. 

As a bit of a counter-point but also agreement to the above Angela Davis has an essay Locked Up: Racism in the era of Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is something I’ve railed against for a long time, Neoliberalism or as I’ve called it in the past, faux-liberalism is easily spotted by it’s ignorance of real issues that face most People of Color and pointing to the small segment of People of Color who’ve “made it big” as evidence that racism is over or on the severe decline. Such as “Well look at Condeleeza Rice, there can’t be sexism or racism because she made it!” and bullshit of that type. It refuses to look deeper than the surface because the people who engage in it don’t want to deal with their own culpability and privilege. Angela works out what Neoliberalism favors and the way it ignores the prison system which is in severe need of intense, intense restructuring if not abolishing.

Rage inducing and abusive in the extreme. An appeals court has decided that the word rape can be banned from rape trials because it is inflammatory. This of course requires women who’ve been sexually assaulted and their attackers to refer to these heinous acts/attacks as “sex” or “intercourse” while on the stand, which makes it sound consensual. Beyond this the jurors aren’t even allowed to know of the banning so the survivor is forced to make it sound like consensual sex in front of those who don’t know she’s being forced to use such language. This is a horrible and disgusting ruling that is obviously sexist at it’s root, because as quoted over at feministing “Is the word rape truly more inflammatory to a jury than the word robbery?”  Get the full story and all the background of it over at Feministing.

La Chola has a wonderful post entitled Remembering… that many can relate to. Laced with a truth that’s ignored by the mainstream, it is beautiful. It is a story, it is a poem and  it is everyday life.   

So in Sci-Fi news Battlestar Galactica has returned and despite the problems with the series including: Boomer’s rape, Boomer’s naked Tai Chi, the black man in the cage, the black man in chains, the absence of queer characters for three seasons and then the spectacular fucking it up in the TV movie Razor, the absence of storylines for most of the POC characters (except Boomer & Helo), the abundance of annoying useless Apollo man pain, despite all of that it is still one of, if not my very, favorite Sci-Fi show on TV. Which says a lot about the state of Sci-Fi TV than anything else but also the show does deal with such issues as occupation, genocide, biological warfare, etc. in a very interesting way.  The first episode of the fourth season made me happy except for the moments with Gaius which deserve a post of their own. Anyway there’s a discussion thread over at Feministe, if you want to talk about it or feel free to comment on this post with your theories and deconstruction of the show.







One response to “Dreams and Links

  1. The weight thing is messed up. I had hoped you would have used your new density to kick cars, or smash heads. Cause a slap from a 1,000 pound black fist is something the world might need more of. As far as shorn hair- with all the ways hair is tied to identity & self expression, you might be getting a message with that also.

    Also- “Rape” is fucking inflammatory?!? ARGHGEHGEsthsth…

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