When Spanking Racists….wait

Now when I’ve been addressed by raical epithets it has always been in passing. No one has really had the guts to call me a Nigger or Porch Monkey or Coon or Sambo or any of the multitude of racial epithets that apply to Black Americans and stay around. It’s always shouted from a car or said in a large crowd where the speaker is unidentifiable ot on the internet where one is shielded from having your idnetity widely known. Now I think this has more to do with the shaming fingers of our supposedly PC society than them thinking what they are doing is wrong. That being said, would I get physical if a man had the nerve to call me something to my face? I honestly don’t know. I’m the kind of person much more likely to get angry and physical if one of my friends is threatened than if it’s something to do with myself. I would probably only get physical if physically attacked myself because I feel that if someone is that bold with their racism they are likely counting on the backing of the institutions in the area. And we all know how shit can turn out for a Black man once something physical and the police involved.  

However, one man had no problem playing what the Nashville Scene called “Spank The Honkey”:

Armoster, who is 6-foot-1, 300 pounds and describes himself as “kind of a big-ass man,” says that Enlow hit him across the head with the squeegee and then attempted to flee, falling down in the process. That’s when Armoster grabbed the 61-year-old Enlow and, as he puts it, began to “spank his ass like a kid.”

Armoster says that he purposely opted to spank the grown man with an open hand—as opposed to punching him with a closed fist—to teach him a lesson.

“You better make sure that you be a man the next time you meet up with me and not be a damn boy,” he recalls saying.

He ended up getting two days in jail but I’m sorry is it just me that finds the whole situation kind of hilarious? His solution was to spank the racist, come on now that’s just funny and kind of elegant when you think about it. I don’t think it’s anything I would ever try but it brought me a giggle this morning.


2 responses to “When Spanking Racists….wait

  1. To tell the truth, I think Mr. Armoster was right to retaliate – not because he was called a racial slur (which was wrong but doesn’t by itself justify violence) but because he was physically attacked first. If you physically attack someone (as Enlow did) you automatically forfeit your right to charge that person with attacking you. Unfortunately, these days if you defend yourself you’re often considered the criminal rather than the victim.

  2. Just a note: I’m White myself, but my sister married an African-American man and has two biracial sons. Now if someone called them a racial epithet, I’d be furious, but I wouldn’t condone them retaliating physically. However, if someone hit them, I would probably be angry if they DIDN’T fight back.

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