Carnival of Allies Call For Submissions… & Free Fiction

The Angry Black Woman is putting together a new blog carnival for allies, it’s about allies educating each other. Yesterday I told you about all the white supremacists that rolled over there to call her the N-word repeatedly after her post Thank You White People, well after thinking on it she came up with the idea for this carnival.  Head on over read her post and think of something you could write for it, doesn’t have to be long and profound but just something you want to say to other people who you share a commonality with about some prejudice you see them displaying. Due by May 5th, also she includes a small primer in the post for those unfamiliar with the idea of blog carnivals.

Gwyneth Jones, a Sci-Fi writer I must admit I haven’t read before (but I seem to remember being recommended to me a few times) is offering some of her short fiction free on her site. I’ll be heading over there and reading some of her stuff soon but I’ve been busy this week and didn’t want to wait until I got around to it before I posted about. Go! Enjoy! and tell me all about it.

In terms of this blog some might noticed that I’ve added another page at the top called Posts Elsewhere that has a list of the posts I’ve done over at various blogs. I’m not much for cross-posting so I figured this was a nice middle ground of keeping them somewhere on the blog but not actually reposting them.


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