The HRC Is Made of Fail!

Most of you probably heard about the ENDA bill and how transfolks were taken out of the wording and how HRC (Human Rights Campaign) backed that bill instead of the Trans-inclusive one. Well there have been a series of protests by transfolk and allies at all HRC dinners since about October 2007. Tomorrow the protest is in Houston so what does the HRC do? They call the Houston PD! OK, so besides trying to violate someone’s first amendment rights this is such a position of privilege I can’t even wrap my mind around what they thought they were doing.

Really they should know (and do know) about the antagonistic relationship that exists between GLBT folks and the police, especially transfolks who’ve repeatedly been harrassed by police all over this “great land”. The HRC called the police. They called the enforcement arm of a government that has never been the most accepting of those who step outside the bounds of what they deem as “right”.

In this case it turned out okay but what was the HRC expecting to happen is my question. When we have repeatedly seen police forces that do not care about not only GLBT folks but POC which guess what? Some GLBT folks are. This is not a rant against the police, really it’s not, I’m sure there are some great officers of the law across this country, and in fact I know a few that I really like. That however does not erase the history of abuse of power, cover-up, attacks and sexual abuse that is the history of interactions between the police and GLBT/POC folks.

This simply reinforces my  thoughts on the HRC, that they are primarily and organization for the rights of: white, male, high socio-economic level gays. Sure there are some other people thrown in for flavor but I’ve been to an event organized by them before and really it’s nothing more than a bit of tokenism, to let everyone know they are all about diversity, really they are!

As my friend Joyce is fond of saying: My eyes roll forever.




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