White Liberal Feminist Imperialism & Torture

*If you want more info on the white liberal feminist imperalism that’s splattering all over the feminist blogosphere, here are a couple more links for you. Again I encourage people to click on the links in each article.
Brownfemipower, Amanda, and Thieving WoC’s Efforts: Publicity or Plagarism???

Feminism and Appropriation

This has not been a good week for woman of color blogging – Acoording to some folks this one includes some comments from Marcotte herself which basically have consisted of her whining about how it’s all a personal attack. I don’t have the constitution to actually look right now but if y’all wanna check it out and report back to me, feel free.

*Daily Kos has a post which includes a memo signed by Dubya allowing torture. There’s been a lot of talk about how he was insulated from the decision in a effort to protect the resident from rightful censure, well that was a lod of lies and BS. WARNING! – The comments contain pictures of torture performed by America which may be triggering for some.  They’ve been altered so they read “Autorized by the President of the United States of America” w/ Dubya’s signature across the bottom. Powerful and if you can stomach it look at what our government is doing in our name.  



8 responses to “White Liberal Feminist Imperialism & Torture

  1. I can’t believe that daily kos can be so hateful like that.
    I mean those are the guys in Iraq who were put on trial!
    and EVEN IF that was torture, i want you guys to remember that people in Guantanamo,Cuba have publicly admitted to wanting to or have succeeded in killing hundreds or THOUSANDS of Americans. Besides they want to die… 72 virgins right? why not make them give us a little information before that?(fyi) not that we will kill them, thats not what i’m saying.

  2. FashionablyEvil

    It’s not worth slogging through the comments at Feministe–there’s an awful lot of “I hate you!” “No, I hate you more!” There are some good comments that get at the bigger picture, but they’re few and far between.

  3. Chris-
    No, I’m sorry you can’t punish people for wanting to do something, also the idea that it’s okay for us to torture them but if they torture us that’s inhuman and horrible. That’s complete bullshit. Also many of those people in Guantanamo are there without trial, without representation adn without actual charges being brought against them.

    not that we will kill them, thats not what i’m saying.

    But that’s the logical conclusion of what you’re saying. If we’re allowed to torture anyone who harmed us? why not kill? why not rape? I mean they’re not catually humans are they?

  4. Fashionably Evil –
    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll stay far away from that mess.

  5. WTF is that other Chris talking about? “wanting to?”

    If we’re going to roll like that I expect Homeland Security to throw every white supremacist and everyone who frequents rape fantasy sites into Gitmo and apply torture.

  6. Re: Ms. Marcotte: Holy shit, yeah, she’s whining. It’s really sad. I used to love her blogging back when she was on Mouse Words, and I think she’s done a lot of good writing. Shame she has to go and destroy so much of her credibility this way now.

  7. bankuei –
    Yeah, at first I thought it was you, until I actually read the comment and then I knew it couldn’t be.
    And you’re exactly right if we start arresting people on “wanting to” we’ll have more people in jail than out (not that we’re not headed that way anyway).

  8. vito –
    I’m not that surprised with Marcotte but that’s only cause I stopped reading Pandagon after the original cover for her book was released. The racist imagery around the orginal image of the gorilla and “jane” and the reaction to people calling her attention to it was too much for me but it is truly a shame the way she’s dealt with this.

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