Monday Quick Links

Just a couple quick things because I’m exhausted after  weekend mini-vacation and the next two days will be busy, fun and even more exhausting:

Forbe’s Annual 15 Most Wealthy Fictional Characters, number one used to be one of my favorite cartoons!

Cassie Edwards and her publisher part ways, after her plagiarism comes to light. I have issues with Edwards even without the plagiarism, can we say exotification and appropriation? I knew you could! Also you should really head over to and read how this all got brought to light (see blogging can change the world, at least the publishing world) and for their insightful, hilarious commentary.

And last but definitely not least vito-excalibur has her latest alter up: Alter #3 Le Beau et la Bete. Remember I pointed you guys her way after her reinterpretations of Wonder-Woman and Power Girl (Boy). This time she takes on fairytales and Disney and it’s just as fabulous as the others.


3 responses to “Monday Quick Links

  1. While I can totally accept that megacorporations can be richer than countries, what about folks like Darkseid who have entire planets? You can’t start adding superheroes unless you’re going to go all the way…

  2. bankuei-
    OMG, you’re right. I totally forgot about Darkseid, maybe it’s because his wealth is so incalcuable they couldn’t give an estimate but he definitely deserves to be on the list.

  3. Well, I’m even assuming they’re just counting wealth in the traditional manner, and not, like, “Dr. Doom can travel through time”, or “The Baxter Building possesses technological advances beyond most alien civilizations”, etc.

    Do the Inhumans have a value based on possessing most of the Moon? What is the wealth of the Kingpin? The Hand? Shield (before Tony Stark)? AIM?

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