Flash Fiction

Hey I’ve completed two flash fiction pieces (they’re somewhere between 1st and 2nd draft) and normally they wouldn’t see the light of day so soon but I’ve been working on just putting my writing out there and I wanted to enter them in that contest at Fantasy Magazine I mentioned before.

Anyway they’re called Candy Witch & Beach Party respectively and you can read them in the comments over here, if you’re interested. The goal was to reinterpret a classic sci-fi/fantasy/horror tale and bring it into the modern day. The word limit is 750 and I would tell you exactly what classic sf/f/h I worked on but that would ruin the surprise.


4 responses to “Flash Fiction

  1. I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoyed both stories – I particularly liked your reinterpretation of the witch’s appearance (“Her beauty was unappreciated by humans…”).

  2. ChiaLynn – Thank you so much, I really wanted to reinterpret the whole “ugly witch” steretype because it relies on these false notions of beauty. Anyways, so glad you liked them.

  3. You should spin that out into a full story, Naamen! It’s a great beginning.

  4. The ABW-
    Thanks! Now that you’ve said that I’m totally thinking up a plot and storyline for a longer version. I’ve got a couple of shorts I’m working on right now but after I’m done with those I’m definitely expanding “The Candy Witch”.

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