Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program

vito_excalibur has an excellent post, spurred by the idiocy of the Open Source Boob Project (remember the rage from yesterday?), Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program:

I would like to start the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program. Here’s my pledge: if I see somebody groping you in public, and you’re not moaning Yes! Yes! Yes!, I will break through your Somebody Else’s Problem invisibility field and come over and ask if you’re okay. If your situation looks dangerous enough I can’t help on my own, I will call over friends or, if it’s a situation in which I think the cops would be on your side, I will call the cops. If you’re being harassed by a guy, you can say so to me, even if you don’t know me. I pledge I will distract him so you can get away, or I will tell him that he needs to leave, or whatever I can do to the best of my ability. I pledge that yes, actually, because you are a woman I will give you the benefit of the doubt. If you tell me that a guy just did something shitty to you I will not refuse to look at any evidence and tell you that I know him and he’s a great guy and you must have been imagining things. I have great loyalty to my male friends but I will not allow that to blind me to the fact that none of us are saints and even my best friends can screw up and may need to be called on it. I pledge that I will walk you to your car if you don’t feel safe walking alone at night, and then you can drive me to mine.

Yes, even at Wiscon. I pledge that even if I don’t know you, if there is a creepy guy following you around, you can say so, and I will not say to you go hide in your room; I will say to him go find another party, or if necessary, go home. I will come with you if you need to talk to the con organizers. I will not make you feel like your right to control over your own body is not a big deal.

I pledge my support to this project and promise to help in anyway I can while understanding that it is womyn-focused and run and that as a man it is not about me. Meaning it’s not about me and how I can “save womyn” or about taking up space that does not belong to me or any other male privilege bullshit. It is about supporting the womyn who’re involved in this project.

As said in the post/comments the YCR (Y Chromosome Reserves) should be committed to following the lead of the womyn involved in WBEOU, distracting the creepy guys as necessary, providing back up and also talking to their male friends and calling them on their shit. I definitely pledge to do the all those things but as for calling male friends out on their shit I tend to do that anyway, loudly (which might explain why out of the approx. 50 names in my cell phone only 5 are men and of those I only talk to 2 with any regularity).

YCR member, reporting for duty!


One response to “Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program

  1. That’s one set of reserves I’m happy to join.

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