General Life Update

I realize I haven’t done a general update on me in quite a while, so here it go:

-I’ve got a pretty good job right now, just general office work, answering phones etc. but I like the hours, most of the people and the environment so it’s going down as a very good thing. Plus it’s in an industry that I might be interested in getting involved in the next few years.

-I will be attending Mills College in the fall to get my MFA in Fiction, they’ve offered me enough aid (Loans and Scholarships) to cover the tuition at least, so this goes down as a very good thing as well.

-Doing more writing lately, but not on the novels that haunt my brain, more on shorter pieces. I’ve set myself a goal of 1,000 words a day and was doing pretty well there for a while but then fell off the wagon. I’m gonna try to hop back on the horse today (I mixed metaphors there but language is fluid and I like it, I’m gonna keep it)

-I’m reading/listening to about 5 books at the current moment and I need to finish at least one of those before I start another.

-29 days before I fly out for WisCon and I’m so excited not only for the panels but to see all the people I connected with last year.

These are the things forefront in my life/mind right now. Now to get back to writing.


8 responses to “General Life Update

  1. Getting your MFA? Sweet! I’m starting an MFA program in the fall, too! 😀 But how you read five books at once, I have no idea.

  2. Mills! Will that be a two year program or one year? That is very cool.

    I usually have about a dozen books going at a time, only they aren’t really all going at the same time; I set several down for months and then, eventually, come back to them. Non fiction, that is. If I set a novel down for that long then I usually never get back to it.

  3. Ico-
    WooHoo! Where are you going?
    The five books thing is so annoying. It’s three fiction books, one non-fiction and one fiction audiobook. I just really need to sit down and pound through a couple this coming weekend so that there are less on my plate.

  4. Kate –
    It’s a two year program which means I’ll be done in Spring of ’10 (which is also when my 10 year high school reunion will be taking place).

    The curse of liking to read, there are always so (too?) many books going at once.

  5. I’ll be at Hamline in the twin cities. They have a fiction MFA but also a children’s MFA, and since I can never make up my mind and am always writing both, I figure it’s a good place for me. 😉

    Three fiction books at once? See, I can get reading a fiction book and a nonfiction book, plus maybe some criticism or poetry or something. But three fiction books is just way too much to juggle. That and I obsessively have to get one thing done before I can start another. Just the thought of being in the midst of three at once is making me extremely uncomfortable.

    So are you working on a novel right now? Or novels? Sci fi, right?

  6. Ico-
    That’s so cool, I’ve thought of children’s writing before but my writing inevitably has things that…well might not be appropriate for kids even when I try to write for kids.

    I’m working on a novel I like to call my “Godless Polyamourous Urban Multicultural Multidimensional Fantasy Mystery Novel of DOOM” or Working Title: Aether but it’s slow going because after working for eight hours I just want to go home and veg out and I’m haiving problems fighting that right now. I’ve been working on some short stories lately though so I don’t feel completely unproductive.

    Are you working on a novel right now?

  7. A novel? Nah, I’m not quite so ambitious. Mostly short stories — or… novella-type stuff, I guess. A children’s book, a YA short story collection, some sci fi fiction that needs a lot of work. I have a novel/la? in mind for the future, but I haven’t had time to devote to it.

    Your fantasy novel sounds like a lot of fun! Fantasy/mystery combinations are great! 😀 So is that what you’re going to focus on at the MFA program?

  8. I’ve always been the kind of person that wanted to write novels (and started them and got 30 pages in and decided they were crap and threw them away) but lately I find myself more and more balanced between the form of the short story and novel ideas.

    I’m actually trying (foolishly) to get this novel close to done by the time my MFA program starts up so I can work on another novel idea and shorts while I’m in the program. *eyeroll* We’ll see how that works out.

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