Sick in Body and Mind…

And lo I have been laid low by sickness. I woke up this morning and my head hurts, my body aches and my throat feel like I’ve been gargling glass so I am understandably run down and through with the world.

And of course this is when the shit hits the fan. Now I’ve been enraged by therecent blow-ups in the feminist blogosphere but this takes the cake.

Marcotte’s book, the one so many were defending and got an endorsement from Jill at Feministe (though I hear she’s writing a post retracting her support of the book after this) has some really racist imagery:

And that’s only one of the images. Coming on the heels of the controversy over her appropriating the words of WOC bloggers, well it adds up to a really nasty picture doesn’t it? And it explains why many of the blogosphere has disavowed the term feminist. Now some of you may not be aware of this but these images came after Marcotte posted the original cover for the book over at Pandagon (no, I won’t link to that blog) and people pointed out the racism of the King-Kong throwback cover. Many of the commentators who brought this up were attacked but the pressure forced Marcotte to go to her publishers and they changed the cover to something more innocuous but apparently they thought the racist images in the book were okay? Oh, an Marcotte’s apology for the whole cover thing (quoted verbatim at the link to Feministe below) was not really an apology at all but more of a defensive ‘Well I guess some of you don’t understand irony, pshaw whatever I’ll change it’ which smacks of some patronizing ‘I’ll tell you when you should be offended’ bullshit. Wow, that sounds awful familiar doesn’t it? The defensiveness, the patronization, who might she sound like? Could it be the white heteronormative upper-class patriarchy itself? Yes, yes it is.

For more images and some great comentary on what this says about white feminists head over to Dear White Ferminists – Update.

Karnythia over at The Angry Black Woman summarizes a lot of what I feel regarding feminism in her post: Seal Press, Amanda Marcotte…Proof That Feminism and Racism Go Hand in Hand.

Holly over at Feministe has a post up as well: I Guess It’s A Jungle In Here Too, Huh? where she calls for a return to the Seal Press of her childhood and asks questions of both the Press and Marcotte that we would all like answers to.

Barry Deutsch over at Alas, A Blog reprints a letter he wrote to Seal Press. After all this I don’t know if it’ll do any good or if they’ll even take the time to read it but I hope they do and I’m thinking of sending one off myself.

There’s more to say as always but I’m too sick to go on and not just because of this cold I’ve caught.


2 responses to “Sick in Body and Mind…

  1. Images like this are the ones the press was claiming weren’t racist and demeaning and stereotyped? Again: speechless.

  2. Kate –
    Yeah they’ve finally apologized and are pulling the images from further printings but the fact that the images got past them at all says something…something not good at all.

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